East coast flavor meets West coast vibe in a hearty yet healthy spin on traditional Italian fare. HollisBC designed Pesto Craft Kitchen from the ground up, kicking off with a visual identity to whet the appetite and a brand story that feeds the soul. Not a single detail was overlooked, from a modular menu system, exterior and interior signage, as well as functional space planning and an expanded patio space.

Catering to tech-savvy college students and locals alike, we developed a responsive website with easy online ordering as well as interactive social media campaigns filled with rich and enticing custom photography.

Tactile print pieces brought the brand to life alongside tomato-can tabletop specials, a skate-deck condiment station, pizza paddle planter signs, apparel, a to-go menu and catering collateral.

Visual Identity System, Architectural Signage Program, Interior Design, Website Design & Development, Social Media

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