Designing mind-melding experiences, spaces and places.

Hollis Brand Culture cultivates breakthrough brand strategy and expression for hospitality, lifestyle and technology clients across print, digital and architectural environments.

Process Meets Practice


During this get-to-know-you phase, we skip the small talk and initiate a deep brand dive, analyzing strategy and positioning, assessing key competitors, and initiating concept development. This process lays the foundation for the kind of informed, strategic decisions that are essential to redefining and elevating experiences and expectations.

  1. Define the Problem
  2. Set Clear Objectives
  3. Map the Approach
  4. Elicit Buy-In & Support


Let’s get down to business. It’s time to define key descriptors and core differentiators, honing in on words, phrases and proprietary language developed in unison with personality, positioning and brand pillars. Once armed with a compelling, strategic direction, we’ll consider design directions and tactics to build an impactful, market-driven identity solution.

  • Gather Information
  • Develop & Prototype
  • Analyze the Options
  • Make Key Decisions


Vision becomes reality as we seamlessly and consistently deliver memorable and engaging design experiences. We’re talking smart, strategic content, informed by an organization’s unique personality, that sets forth a fresh point of view to engage, excite, and inspire.

  • Mobilize the Team
  • Present to Stakeholders
  • Take It Public
  • Evaluate Success

Brand Champions

Don Hollis


“Time is not something you have — it is something you make” proclaims creative guru at HollisBC. More than 25 years of design immersion meets creative utopia is an apt summation of Don’s sage-like insight. Strategy is his middle name; creative excellence is his game. His ongoing mission: to build value and combat design complacency. Shablam!

Shay Eastwick-Cupina


Keenly intuitive by nature, Shay brings East Coast toughness to West Coast style with an unparalleled sensitivity to both client and audience. Getting it done right—deadline-driven with purpose and poise—Shay ensures that big ideas are seamlessly executed while still being firmly anchored to the ground.

Tyler Cristobal


Creative commando, signage special forces, and vector gladiator, Tyler has honed his craft as senior designer at HollisBC with razor-sharp precision. Interestingly enough, Tyler holds a 2nd degree blackbelt in Taekwondo. Though he no longer submits opponents, he submits award-winning work with jedi-mind mastery.

Mark Boydston
Mark Boydston


With over 24 years in the creative kitchen, Mark executes complex design recipes, baking blue skies into fabrication reality. Building the extraordinary becomes second nature as he employs an innate sense of architecture, placemaking and wayfinding to lead creative teams, vendors and clients into a zen-like design nirvana.

Omar Garcia


His pencils as sharp as throwing knives, Omar deploys OG heat and laser focus to slay every design project he touches. Carefully honed craft merges with ninja-like precision through every phase of the design process. On target and ready to hit it out of the park, with Omar it’s always game on.

Dane Torrens


From knocking down walls to carving up slopes, Dane drops practiced northwestern knowledge alongside incomparable architectural design and engineering prowess. Seattle’s wall of sound was built to rock out his never-ending riffs of goodness with a vision determined to overcome the toughest obstacles in pursuit of excellence.

Katie Grim


Versed in the subtle art of diplomacy, smart design and stellar project leadership, Katie brings a trifecta of elusive talents together with a mystical, unicorn-like glory that empowers clients to shine brightly in our rainbow-sparkled universe of awesomeness. Her vision casting, coordination and exceptional eye for detail keeps complex projects sharply grounded in reality. It only looks like magic.

Kathy Carpentier-Moore


With over twenty-five years of agency experience, Kathy has mastered the art of driving strategy, process and timelines. She is a solution-focused communicator who thrives on producing great work with measurable results. Well-seasoned and deadline driven, she has steered the ship with end-to-end marketing solutions for companies like Qualcomm, Intel, Verizon, Scripps, and Hard Rock Hotel. In addition to driving brilliant creative at work, Kathy is an active gardener, seamstress, and jeweler.

Erin Harris


Where the rubber meets the road, Erin is armed with an abacus that fuses business acumen, fiscal responsibility and the numerical accuracy of an olympic markswoman. Boomerang-like follow-through meets superglue tenacity as her unshakeable guidance keeps collaborators fully fueled and ready to roll.

Max Hammons


Max “the Hammer” Hammons is fueled by sandwiches, almond butter, and sass. Max collects bounties on critical design and production tasks with laser beam focus and technical precision. A design sharpshooter who knows no boundaries, he puts the hammer down and fearlessly nails every detail, every time, on time. Eager to hone his skills and broaden his horizons, there is no project scope too large, or detail too small that can escape his crosshairs.

Alina Goriup


Calm, cool and collected, Alina brings a balanced, holistic approach to design and the built environment. With a third-eye for interior design and passion for environmental branding and signage, each new project is an opportunity to tell a story, inspire change, promote healthful living and spread positive vibrations. Namaste.