The Padre Hotel

There’s a new sheriff in town.

After many years of dormancy, the 80 year old Padre Hotel in Bakersfield, California lives and breathes anew. Through collaborative efforts with hotelier Eat. Drink. Sleep and Graham Downes Architecture, the structure’s old bones remain intact, with a tasteful refresh and regionally influenced storyline – worthy of this historic gem.

  • Room Keycard
  • In-Room Menu
  • Exterior Marquee and Rooftop Signage
  • Rooftop Signage
  • Exterior Wall Plaques
  • Check-in Wall Graphic
  • Custom Wallpaper Design & Backlit Room ID Signs
  • Wallpaper Design
  • Custom Backlit Room ID Signs
  • Elevator Landing Graphics
  • Directory
  • Directory
  • Directory
  • Directory
  • Website
  • Website



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