Restaurant Identities by HollisBC – Volume Two

When you’re ready to make your mark, make it count.

A logo is a symbol, stamp, or signature that represents an organization’s promise of fulfillment to its supporters and shareholders. This signature implies credibility, accountability, and responsibility, representing an intent to deliver goods and services that meet a certain standard. You’re only as good as your word. Does your identity measure up?

  • Chive - Cuisine Moderne.
  • JDRN is surf : sky : spirit.
  • Deli-inspired and fresh from the farm.
  • Modern California cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal and local ingredients.
  • Bowling is back – with a vengeance.
  • Bowling is back – with a vengeance.
  • An attitude, an environment, and a menu designed to stir your soul.
  • The RSRV Room - wine, body and soul.
  • Laid-back and neighborly sports bar in the historical Gaslamp District.
  • An ever-changing menu from one of San Diego’s most admired chefs.
  • Fresh sushi served by the plate in Irvine.
  • Fresh sushi served by the plate in Irvine.
  • A Mexperience in the Gaslamp District.
  • Barking Dog Cafe.
  • Rustic European country dishes with a California sensibility.
  • Simple recipes from different cultures.


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